Selling Time

4 04 2009

We are now setting up our booth at Wooldridge Winery today. This will bring some needed attention to us in the area. Hopefully people will be interested, and we will get some more CSA subscribers.


not archimedes.

31 03 2009

The greenhouse is filled with starts.  In the middle of april tomatoes will be planted there.

Chickens have doubled in population.  We now have all these new chicken types: barred rock, black sexlink, light brahma, and speckled sussex, and golden wynadottes. Our two coops have been consolidated into the newer field coop.

Hops have been trellised using our natural surroundings.  Straight up a tree.

Irrigation is layed out.  Not perfectly, but there is water to the crops.  The crops which we seeded in Febuary, we are now planting.

Now we have a lot of marketing to do to get the CSA shares sold this year.  This upcoming weekend we are setting up shop at the Woodridge Wine release.  To everyone who is going to be out drinking wine in the beautiful Applegate Valley, and at Wooldridge Winery; stop by our booth.  We will be there on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday we will also be at the CSA Barn Dance at Hanley Farm in Central Point.

Thursday 1/15

15 01 2009

Right now there is other happenings brewing besides restarting the farm for this season. Gabrielle has a new job working at a vineyard/winery in the Applegate Valley. I am looking for a part-time job somewhere, anywhere for god sakes. Right now I am in the running to get a job at a personal chef, and it would be sweet if it worked out. Ben is now working full time as a sign language interpreter in Central Point. Together, we need outside income to support our serious farming addictions.
On top of all this, starting next week, for the next eight weeks we are catering a class at the OSU extensions. We are excited and apprehensive. We want to impress everyone.

Impressing people is all that Sadie seems to do.  Here she is with a bowl on her head.  She is a fire hydrant.

This is the view from where Gabrielle is now currently employed, Wooldridge Winery.

Farmers can eat with the best of them.  The cooler weather demands more calories and we all eat our share.  Here we concocted citrus, mushroom, and rice soup.  We grew the dried ancho chili pepper last year.

The rain gauge is finally up!  We bought it last year but never got around to finding a home for it.  Mark your calendar.  We will start counting how much rain we get this season starting today.