Squash of Summer & Sunburn

14 07 2008

A quick post to brag and show some sunburn.

UFO Squash:

The side with Shade:

Shady Side

Shady Side

Without SPF 50

Without SPF 50

But the color we’re really waiting for is RED (and orange, pink, purple, “black”, and blood…) Talking about tomatoes of course. Our Thai Pink Eggs are probably going to be the first ones to transition, as they already have a slight pink hue to them. But the others are just gaining in size.

Meanwhile, it’s yellow and green with peppers and squash. We’re snagging the sunburned ones for ourselves as they aren’t good enough for our loyal CSA members. A quick brainstorm also decided that for next year we’ll use a fertilizer with a bit more N in it to promote leaf growth for shade on those blazing afternoons.

Irrigation continues to twease our peace with busts and the like. The t-tape is doing well, but our hops will need tending to. We replaced a giant stretch with our last geyser because the water pressure had expanded the line almost a full size (we could fit the new line into the old one). Then a few days later, that line blew while Ben was in the shower soaped up, so a quick rinse and a curse and a walk down to the field revealed that the hops will have to be watered with hose until the replacements arrive. A friendly call to our irrigation peeps got us the information that we should turn the whole system off at the well-house. 300′ of bunk irrigation tube later, we call that a valuable lesson.

Other than that, it’s hot, smoky from area wildfires, and tomorrow we’re gonna float down the river a bit before a fun family bar-b-que. Chad’s making pork belly.