Bound to Happen

19 04 2010

The first round of tomatoes were started indoors under a grow light. Since my greenhouse is finally holding heat, today is the day that I am going to move them out of my house. Our cats must have known. Last night they decided to use the seedling flats as a litter box destroying some of precious pepper starts. No one said this would be easy.


Calculated Risk

12 05 2009

Get those tomatoes in the ground. It might be early, but it sure is warm. There are peppers that have volunteered from last year, and there have been some tomatoes that have been planted out for two weeks now that are thriving. Our CSA members, like last year, will be getting boat loads of food.

Mid April

23 04 2009

The greenhouse is overflowing all over the property. Still I seems like there is not enough plants. The eggplants and peppers germinated almost as poorly as the cauliflower. We need to take another recount to see if we have enough of these plants to fill the allotted space.
We have room for more peppers and eggplants than last year. There is 130 row ft set aside for both of them. We better fill those rows so our members a good amount of each.
Speaking of members, we are no where close to filling up the 20 openings we have available this year. We really wanted the CSA to be primary source financing farm operations. We believe that it is the best way to interact with our customers, and provide farm fresh food of the highest quality.
We are prepared to go to market, and sell our vegetables in other venues if everything goes as planned and we get all the members for the CSA. If that does not happen, we will have to shift focus to go to market to generate income this season. We are all pulling for the CSA to work.
Today we planted 4 varieties of potatoes for our CSA 😉

This is just out of Control

24 06 2008

And we love it, every damn bit of it.
Baby in Bed

this is my new daughter Sadie. She is absolutely amazing. With her arrival, she is the beginning, and everything else is following suit. Our farm, after much patience and slow growing has taken off. Everything is green, everything is growing. We are fulfilling, although haphazardly, what we came to do. And just in time for Sadie. She is an awesome person. YEAH.
Even though Sadie cannot see the best in her infancy, what we are doing is for her, cause she is us. But this is what We see.

These are our hops. Along with barley, they will make beer. As of now we have not planted barley, but it will take until next year for our hops to reach production size. Even though we lost some, the ones that are growing are growing with vigor. But for hops, vigorousness comes with vertical growth. And boy howdy do we need to get stable trellising to support our hops. Baby needs beer, damnit.


Our peas, after much calamity with Pea Leaf Weevil (asshole), the struggle for the survival of our peas have produced delicious results. We could have had more peas if it was not for pests, but what we do have is enough, and we are happy with the flavor. So sweet. We tried to put these is our CSA boxes but we forgot. Oops. Our members will get their comeuppance this week.
Speaking of our CSA, this Friday will mark the 3rd, count it 3rd, week of our CSA. Our members are happy, and they are going to get it (vegetable-wise) pretty soon here.

tom row

this here is around 150 plants of tomatoes, between 15 and 20 varieties. Can you say, “Oh Snap!” Hooray for local production. Take that you salmonella laden, mono culture, corporate agribusiness piece of shit tomatoes.
and peppers, oh my

Finally if there was not enough birthing between babies, and vegetables. PUPPY!