3 weeks in

28 06 2008

This Friday marks our third week of delivering CSA boxes to our 8 customers. They are looking good, and finally filling themselves with fresh veggies. This week we delivered 1/2 of mixed greens, carrots, three types of beets, three types of turnips, two types of kale, 1/2 lb of shelling peas, herbs, and radishes. This might be pittance compared to what some other well established farms are offering at this time we are totally proud of ourselves. Going from absolutely nothing when i got here in october of 07 to now, we are feeling good about our progress.
There are still many obstacles to overcome here at Mud Puddle, but we are trying to overcome them without going crazy. Right now our water system is acting up, and that could cause real problems because our baby and plants need water. It is really dry and hot socks and hammocks
this is where we rest when the heat of the day overcomes us. There are two hammocks up right now, and one more that i need to put up. they are great for everything from sleeping to resting. Even reading is possible in these hammocks but rarely does it last too long.

It is a bit early for potatoes, the flowers on the plants haven’t totally bloomed yet, and the leaves aren’t dying away. These are the indications that the potatoes are ready to harvest.