Monday 1/12

12 01 2009

Everyone. we need your help to make us post more. I am going to attempt to use this more like a little daily journal for everyone to view. It will encompass an overview of everyday on goings of the farm as well as contain stories.
However, there are no real stories today.
We built a new compost pile in the greenhouse. This will be our second pile that will provide nutrition for our soil inside our greenhouse. We are also experimenting with these compost piles provided some much needed heat inside our greenhouse during these cooler, cloudier winter months. It is a pretty sweet compost to heat the greenhouse both with biomass and passive solar.
We already have one row amended in our finally functional greenhouse. We added compost, and composted rabbit and chicken manure to it. Then we planted white clover to add some more nutrition and organic matter to our soil. Soon we will plant peas in the same soil as the clover. They will fix nitrogen to the soil as well provide PEAS.
The planting pots are washed and the tables are constructed. We are ready to plant. We have the soil mix, and the seeds.
The goats ate the blackberries. Like they are freakin supposed to.
Jeremy and Ashley cleared away a lot of brush today, it was a fire hazard.