21 09 2008

Today, Ben, Gabe, Sadie, and I went to Hope Mountain Barterfaire in Takilma. They picked me at work, and took one hour to get there.
Takilma is in the middle of nowhere and Bartefaire is a really small weekend festival. There was live music that was lame but the atmosphere was lax. Basically it was a hippie fest. (Gabe note–There is no basically about this. It was a HUGE hippie fest)
It is a weekend long trading fair as well. Whatever you got to trade, you could set up tent and barter your wears. It is a good concept for a small economy with a party like atmosphere,
The were a couple small farms there. It could be a good place to vend our products and philosophies. As always, next year is the motto.

There our some photos here.   And here are some others


Gabe eating a California Roll with our friends Matt and Fanta behind us.

This is a general overview of the hippiosity.

Mordecai and Abraham are bringing Olde Testament back

Omnipotent Sadie controls gravity with her jowls