Our family

11 02 2010

Once again, after the advice of many of our friends to include a family photo in the brochure, we totally left it out. They told us,” a CSA connects the members to you, and including a family photo in your brochure would strengthen that connection.”
The truth is we really don’t have any recent family photos. Maybe using the timer function on the camera is a little beyond us. There are tons of pictures of Sadie, and she is a great representation of her parents. However, she doesn’t quite represent the hard work we do to make the CSA happen. She will learn soon. So to everyone who wanted to see more of our friendly faces in the newly released brochure, I apologize. We will get some good hard working pictures of us as a family on the blog soon.


New Brochure Out

8 02 2010

Second week of February, and we finally got the brochure done. It is going to the press tomorrow morning, but it has already been posted on the website. Thanks a ton to Greg who made it all happen.
I have made orders for pelleted chicken fertilizer, and at some time I will be going down to Crescent City to get a 55 gallon drum of liquid fish fertilizer. There is already an fertilizer injector set up on the pump so I apply the diluted fish fertilizer that way. The drum should last me the whole year.
It always seems that they most difficult thing for me is seed starting at the beginning of the year. Obtaining optimal temperatures to germinate my brassicas and onions in a reasonable time has always an obstacle. I just need a solid seed starting facility that can hold temp, and be well ventilated. But I don’t.

2010 we welcome you

2 02 2010

Well a new year brings pretty much a new everything. We have a new location, and a new business that better embodies all the same values that formed our farm. We are certifying ourselves organic (not that we want to), to allow more access to markets.
Restarting a farm from scratch is not easy. We have the help of many good friends, and my body is already feeling the burn. A new hoophouse is almost finished, and the new field is totally taking shape. The 2010 farming season has totally started.
Almost of our seeds have arrived, and I am excited about the diversity of vegetables that we will be bringing you this year.
We have some rhubarb and strawberries already planted, and we are making an attempt at some late started garlic. There is going to be a full acre in organic production, but the other 4 acres of the field has already been put into cover of oats and peas. I am going to use this to increase the organic matter, and nitrogen in the soil. I am also going to use cuttings to mulch the row crops.

We are quickly getting the brochure revised, and it should be done and printed this week. We are raising the price a bit, but the result will be the highest quality produce we have ever achieved. Plus home delivery!!

We got this recycled this bath tub to wash veggies in, and  it turned out it was a huge cast iron tub that could easily fit 3 children.  It is ridiculous how heavy it is.  Anyways it had to be hauled from here to there and back again.  Hopefully the veggies will be cleaner than before, and I will never have to move it again.

So heavy