Irrigation Schmirigation… and an article

10 07 2008

Just a quick update here as things are still in full swing and the heat wipes us out man! It sure takes a lot out of you when you have to get up extra early to start the watering and try to accomplish as much as you can before the sun beats you down. Chad finds himself up at 5:00 am with time to water in peace. The fields are on for two hours of drip irrigation… then when its off there’s a little time for repairing tiny puppy teeth


holes in the drip tape. We’ve had a few blows when joints pop out of their connections, which are a pain, but still easy enough to fix. Then one day Gabe was coming home and spotted a good sized geyser. Old Faithful.

When stuff like this happens we have to drop all of our master plans and take however long it takes to fix the damn thing. Water is that important with the heat we’ve been having. But our irrigation problems are common so at least we have that going for us.

The potatoes are looking really good now, so we’re putting those in our CSA baskets this week, and we think we have enough eight ball squashes for everyone and the last of the radishes for now. And we’re finally into the summer herbs – with enough basil to go around and some other tasty things.

Chad and Gabrielle are also featured in an article from the OSU (Oregon State University) Agriculture Weekly, along with some farmer friends over at Blue Fox Farm. Check it out here. And while you’re at it check out Blue Fox Farm’s blog.

And Sadie is growing.