Onions in the Ground

2 04 2012

These is now about 1/7th of an acre planted in onions and garlic to be used by the restaurant this year. I finished planting on April 1. Hopefully we can get through all of them now that we have a larger processing space.
The cover crops of oats and peas are in the ground that will provide the amendments for the mangels, squash, and corn that will be planted, hopefully with a no till method.
Tomatoes got transplanted, but we are out of space inside the house under lights, so they are going to be risked outside in the lean-to greenhouse. It looks like there are going to be lows in 30s over the next couple days, so hopefully some of them survive.
Our bigger greenhouses are going up now and hopefully they will be ready for summer planting in by may. We will fill them up proper quick.


What we do with the food that we grow.

23 10 2011
October 23, 2011

Pressing grapes

21 10 2011




Those gewurtz skins are tough


18 10 2011



Three new pressure tanks to make more champagne.  Let 2011 harvest begin.  Will is cleaning the inside of one.  They are from a beer operation and the tanks all stink like college on Sunday morning

Reaching back

20 09 2011

Farming has been the hardest thing in the world to learn.  It takes time and patience combined with land and money.  None of those things are currently available to me. 

never been so proud of myself to kill something

30 04 2010

After weeks of trying, I finally caught/killed my first gopher. I didn’t check the traps from a couple days while it was raining. Low and behold when I finally pulled the cover off one of my traps it felt like death. Life loves death, and gopher was completely decimated by maggots, and there was a peculiar white fuzz growing in the hole. This made it hard to clean the trap, but immediately after it was cleaned it was reset and placed in another hole.
The next day there was a dead gopher just laying belly up in the middle of my field. I don’t know what killed it, but I like the trend.
Everything it being planted, weeded, and fertilized on a pretty consistent basis right now. The CSA starts in about 3ish weeks and will be ready. Plants are alive, and now wash sinks need to be set up, and we will be ready to rock.

Bound to Happen

19 04 2010

The first round of tomatoes were started indoors under a grow light. Since my greenhouse is finally holding heat, today is the day that I am going to move them out of my house. Our cats must have known. Last night they decided to use the seedling flats as a litter box destroying some of precious pepper starts. No one said this would be easy.