Onions in the Ground

2 04 2012

These is now about 1/7th of an acre planted in onions and garlic to be used by the restaurant this year. I finished planting on April 1. Hopefully we can get through all of them now that we have a larger processing space.
The cover crops of oats and peas are in the ground that will provide the amendments for the mangels, squash, and corn that will be planted, hopefully with a no till method.
Tomatoes got transplanted, but we are out of space inside the house under lights, so they are going to be risked outside in the lean-to greenhouse. It looks like there are going to be lows in 30s over the next couple days, so hopefully some of them survive.
Our bigger greenhouses are going up now and hopefully they will be ready for summer planting in by may. We will fill them up proper quick.




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