Planting sticks

5 04 2010

Sadie helped plant about 200 Zinfandel cuttings today. These will be potted up next year after they root in the sandy soil. Then two years from now they might make their way into a vineyard like setting of a mixed use small farm. I want to get another 200 Tempranillo cuttings as well.
Round 2 of carrots were sown today. Three varieties were planted: Baltimore, Parano, and Scarlett Nantes. So far everything that has been direct seeded has germinated rather quickly. Root crops are well on their way for the beginning of CSA.
The cover crop of Oats and Peas are knee high. The pea tendrils on the regular field peas are delicious; so sweet.
The lettuce transplants in the greenhouse are about two weeks out till harvest for lettuce mix.

But the challenges of gopher trapping and weed eliminating are proving difficult.  All part of the fun I suppose.

Lastly, there is the dreadful job of plucking off all the strawberry flowers.  Over the past 2 weeks I have picking the flowers off in order to promote root growth on all the strawberries that were transplanted.  There will be strawberries eventually.

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