Our family

11 02 2010

Once again, after the advice of many of our friends to include a family photo in the brochure, we totally left it out. They told us,” a CSA connects the members to you, and including a family photo in your brochure would strengthen that connection.”
The truth is we really don’t have any recent family photos. Maybe using the timer function on the camera is a little beyond us. There are tons of pictures of Sadie, and she is a great representation of her parents. However, she doesn’t quite represent the hard work we do to make the CSA happen. She will learn soon. So to everyone who wanted to see more of our friendly faces in the newly released brochure, I apologize. We will get some good hard working pictures of us as a family on the blog soon.




2 responses

31 05 2010
Barry Quilhot

Love you all see you at harvest. Hey Gabe, I have kept my handling of the younger citizens in shape this weekend. Erin O has a lovely son named Liam, and at the lake I gave her serious free time with my continui
ng mastery of baby holding. I know Sadie no longer fits into that category but my toddler chops are still intact. See you harvest time.

31 05 2010
Barry Quilhot

Hey just talked to Bill at the chain. They had a huge microburst with 2 directional sideways winds and major trees down. And nice hail. Like your weather now? i betcha

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