New Brochure Out

8 02 2010

Second week of February, and we finally got the brochure done. It is going to the press tomorrow morning, but it has already been posted on the website. Thanks a ton to Greg who made it all happen.
I have made orders for pelleted chicken fertilizer, and at some time I will be going down to Crescent City to get a 55 gallon drum of liquid fish fertilizer. There is already an fertilizer injector set up on the pump so I apply the diluted fish fertilizer that way. The drum should last me the whole year.
It always seems that they most difficult thing for me is seed starting at the beginning of the year. Obtaining optimal temperatures to germinate my brassicas and onions in a reasonable time has always an obstacle. I just need a solid seed starting facility that can hold temp, and be well ventilated. But I don’t.




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