Preparing for winter, another hot spell coming

18 09 2009

It seems as we just were preparing for the transition from summer into fall, and now already preparations have slowly gotten underway for winter. We have been bringing in mulch and manure to amend the soil and prepare the perrenials for the cold. Lots of compost piles are starting to appear around the farm. With the removal of lots of organic matter from the field, our houses’ waste, and the waste from two restaurants we are able to create lots of compost piles. By the time we pull all our summer crops from the ground several big compost piles will have been made.

As the summer crops are removed we are prepared to put the field into cover for the winter. We are going to use winter rye to fortify the ground from erosion, and supply nutrients and organic matter. Mixed in with the rye will be another leguminous crop that will fix nitrogen into the soil. This just another way we are impoving our crops by nurturing the soil.

If this was last year we would be anticipating a heavy frost here pretty shortly. This year is very different. There seems no end to the summer temperature, although the quickly shortening days remind us of the coming cold.




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