Mid-way Point

7 08 2009

Tomorrow marks our halfway through the 20 week CSA season. It feels like it just started and it feels like it will never be over all in the same minute.

On the farm we are busy planting for fall, and keeping up with the summer crops (our corn this year looks way better than last year!), and being very thankful for the rain-but-no-hail that got dumped on us on Wednesday.

Temps have cooled down a whole bunch which makes life just more livable in general for us and the various farm animals.

Tuesdays are our weeding days and Wednesdays are our planting days if you ever wanna swing by and help out. We get going around 8am.




One response

12 08 2009

hi guys, i am just really hoping you read that pamphlet that i gave you at the market. what if it is real? huh? huh? what then? your little veggies won’t help you then! just playin, dawg. i am wondering if we can trade basil for tomatoes this week? what do you think? take care amigos! peace


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