End of Peas.

25 06 2009

There are lots of items taking the pea’s place.  The change will be gradual, maybe sad, but pea’s substitutes are acceptable.

We started all our fall crops in this little aluminum greenhouse last week.  It fell down yesterday taking most of our starts with it.  The greenhouse was quickly rebuilt out of wood, and all the starts of lettuce, celery root, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage were replanted.  It makes a wonderful addition to our shanty town that is taking form in the middle of our field.  Next to our shanty town there is some raised beds of yellow raspberries, and then a non-celestially aligned wooden representation of Stonehenge that was here when we got here.

On Monday we planted about 50 tomatillo plants.  We are attempting to seed save for FedCo this year for a little extra loot.

Garlic! What’s not to love.

A bucket of chicken heads from our chicken killing sessions last week.

There is an overhead picture of our tomatoes that are trellised on barbed wire, and inter-planted with buckwheat.  There will be a glorious haul of tomatoes this year.




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