Economic Woes Striking Close to Home

4 06 2009

We take a lot of classes at the OSU Extension in Josephine and Jackson Counties. And we bug the 2 women (Hi, Melissa and Maud!) who teach and organize those classes a lot with questions about bugs, and irrigation, and seeds, and mulch, and water rights, and farm insurance, and greenhouse erection, and farmers market rules, and all sorts of stuff.

We found out this week that there is a threat of all non-tenured OSU Extension staff being cut due to budgetary blah blah blah. The bottom line is that Southern Oregon might lose the Small Farms Program we have down here.

All I have to say is that if they weren’t here, we probably would have given up last year. We certainly wouldn’t have expanded our cultivated area, upped our number of potential CSA customers, have market stands at two area growers’ markets, and have a contract with a national seed company.

PLEASE write to the OR state legislature and tell them how vital this program is to our area. Rep. Peter Buckley is the Ways & Means Co-Chair.




One response

8 06 2009

Thanks for your support! You guys are great. Love the pics. I’m looking forward to seeing your farm at Sadie’s birthday! Glad the CSA is going well and the boxes sound great!

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