First Day of Market

9 05 2009

Today was our first experience participating in the Grants Pass Growers’ Market. After some nervousness that none of us wanted to admit to, and harvesting at 5:30 in the morning, we got there on time, had the booth set-up in record time, and were ready to move some eggs and produce!
Market Stand

We settled into a nice routine of pass the baby, and take turns answering questions about our CSA. We had a great level of interest in us thanks to an awesome article about us that appeared in the local paper on Thursday night. And before anyone else asks: No, Chad and I did not get married and not tell you. I think the paper put us down as married to help us appeal to a wider range of people in the area. It is still a bit conservative here…

Anyway, we had a great time at market. We didn’t completely sell out of our stuff, but I think it was ideal for us to reinforce our community standing in person on the heels of the article. Hopefully from here on out, we have enough to be there every week!

This week we had:
Baby Bok Choy of a variety called Joi Choi
French Breakfast Radishes (these flew off our table. No one had ever seen anything like them before and were really intrigued to try them out!)
Mustard Greens
Yellow Raspberry starts
Tomato starts (Thai Pink Egg varietal, and Orange Pixie)

This is Sadie enjoying some Watermelon Lemonade with Kirby. She was drinking out of the end of the straw, eye-dropper style. Like she was a little baby bird!
Baby bird Sadie




2 responses

28 05 2009

that banner and the t-shirts look pretty swell! made me smile, as did sadie who is friggin relentlessly adorable.

29 05 2009

Great, Greg! I am glad you are happy with them. I think they look great, too. You need to get us your new address so I can send you one of the shirts!

And relentless is a pretty great word for Sadie, too. She is that. About everything.

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