Mid April

23 04 2009

The greenhouse is overflowing all over the property. Still I seems like there is not enough plants. The eggplants and peppers germinated almost as poorly as the cauliflower. We need to take another recount to see if we have enough of these plants to fill the allotted space.
We have room for more peppers and eggplants than last year. There is 130 row ft set aside for both of them. We better fill those rows so our members a good amount of each.
Speaking of members, we are no where close to filling up the 20 openings we have available this year. We really wanted the CSA to be primary source financing farm operations. We believe that it is the best way to interact with our customers, and provide farm fresh food of the highest quality.
We are prepared to go to market, and sell our vegetables in other venues if everything goes as planned and we get all the members for the CSA. If that does not happen, we will have to shift focus to go to market to generate income this season. We are all pulling for the CSA to work.
Today we planted 4 varieties of potatoes for our CSA 😉




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23 04 2009
Marie - Sellwood Garden Club

As someone who has pretty much never had $500 cash money at a time and, given the current zeitgeist of non-stop financial freaking out, have you considered breaking it up into monthly payments? It might increase administrative costs, but would be cheaper than hauling produce to market (and potentially back).

With regards to unused produce, someone pointed out to me that Chinese markets have such low prices, in part, because all their “waste” is turned into high value kim chee — it requires commercial kitchen space (which can be rented by the hour or day) and a small peddlar’s license, but might help soak up losses that the chickens and goats don’t eat in the form of a value-added product. Just a thought.

23 04 2009

We have considered value added products as a serious and maybe necessary part of our small farm endeavor. Having two trained chefs here, we can easily grasp this opportunity. We have available kitchen space to rent at a moments notice as well. Now we just need lots of vegetables, and some one to sell the value added product to.
There has been much internal debate on how we are going to get more memberships. One of the answers that we had was to break the payment up into installments like you said. We have thought of adding other incentives as well, such as us cooking a meal using our produce at your house.
We are still excited beyond belief about farming, and this little marketing glitch isn’t deterring us in the least. We just have to be willing to explore all avenues for the time being till we have a strong customer base.

5 05 2009
Tony T.

Living in central IL, I’m a bit far away to join the CSA. That and I would have no idea what to do in terms of cooking all the vegitables. Which brings me to a suggestion.

I would totally buy a cook book from you guys, especially if it had a lot of recepies based on fresh produce. It wouldn’t need to be anything fancy with pictures of all the dishes and can be made through a print on demand service like Lulu, requiring only time as an investment. You would get non-local sales and can include it (with or without a fee) for CSA members.

The biggest question would be if there were enough sales to justify the time to put together.

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