Farmer Chef Connection.

2 03 2009

Today we went to the Farmer Chef Connection at the Medford Library (nice library by the way).  Gabrielle and I had to act out a skit in front of the audience of about thirty.  It was a good ice breaker about the relationships (or lack thereof) between farmer and chef.  There were several speeches about networking and distrobution.  Some farms and producers had tables set up to sample products and display information. This was all hosted by THRIVE.

After hearing much about iFarm Oregon, I finally got to understand what it is about.  It embodies the  concept of rejuvenating the farming industry in Oregon by making sure that new and or young farmers have the ability to get land to start a family farm before it falls into the perils or corporate agriculture or development.

We cleaned up the front yard today to make sure the perennials have space to grow, and that the annuals adequately reseeded themselves.  In the greenhouse I reseeded all the brassicas that were consumed by our unwelcome pest.  We think it is earwigs, but that is not totally conclusive.  I also planted a bunch of artichoke from seed that will be added to our perrinial gardens.

The tomatoes under the lights are doing freaking awesome.




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