20 02 2009

Before the session of onions today, the recently tilled earth needed to be subsoiled. When the tiller passes through the soil it breaks up the top layer how it should. However, at the point where the tiller’s tines can dig no deeper, the soil is actually compacted. The end result is about the top 4 inches being loosened while the soil underneath that 4 inches is compacted and hardened. The subsoiler self descriptively loosens the soil underneath the tilled top layer.
Using the hand subsoiler is a lot of hard work. And it got me to thinking about how it would be nice to have a tractor to ready the soil. It would be even nicer to to have a draft horse. A draft horse would be really sweet if it was equipped with kinetic energy capturing devices.  And then what would happen if you used the energy created by the horse to for electrolysis to make hydrogen.
I have been reading a lot about piezoelectric energy systems like the dance floor that powers the club, and the watches you never have to charge. But what if you had a bloody horse that was pulling a plow or subsoiler and was creating storable energy from its physical activity. That would be sweet.  Not that this would work out paper, but it is just a thought.
This was all conceived whilst exerting a massive amount of my own physical energy preparing the onion’s bed. Then I began planting onions.




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