1,2,3,4 Bulb, Frog, Orchid.

19 02 2009

The Snow Bells are finishing up.  Again, the land is really starting to come to life with greens busting through the brown layer of forest cover.  All around the property flower bulbs are rearing their appendages.  The garlic, the iris, and the crocus are all showing signs of vigorous life.  Our randomly planted assorted bulbs patch of tulips, frittaleria, crocus, and anemone is coming to life.  Also covering the woodlands, the wildflower Shooting Star is preparing to send up its flowers.

Even on the inside we have flowers blooming.  Our windowsill orchid now greets us in the morning.

The yellow crocuses we planted last fall in our front yard.  The yards of both the houses here are in disarray.  They are better than when we began, but there is always more work to be done.  The yard on the west side of the houses needs to be landscaped to prevent erosion from lots of foot and animal traffic.  The landscaping will be designed with the goal of isolating where people walk, planting as much edible plants, and planting plants that prevent erosion.   This area of the property actually gets decent sun for being on a north facing slope, and being surrounded by trees and houses on all sides.  It has poorer clay soil, which we think would be really good for planting grapes, possibly a couple short rows of preferably muscat.  Once we get grapes and other landscape going, we need to fence in another whole chunk of our property to keep out those pesky deer.

The grapes would be planted down the hill to the left in this picture.  Here, I tilled up some area on the south-ish side of our house.  It is going to be bordered in with more wine bottles.  Thank you, Martha Stewart.  This bordering scheme is pretty awesome because it demands that we drink wine.  And now that Gabrielle is working at a vineyard, wine bottles, and the vesseled liquid are all the more abundant.  In this area, I amended the the clayey soil with compost and some chicken fertilizer.  Then I made another random assorted planting.  We have a lot of seeds that are not going to be planted for profit.  This bed was a perfect recipient of those seeds.  I broadcast hollyhocks, kiss me over the garden fence, allysum, and a hummingbird mix of annual and perennial flowers that we got from Territorial seeds.  We do have a lot of hummingbirds in the summer, and hopefully this mix will help attract more.  On top of all that I broadcast a slew of parsley seeds that were gifted to us.  What is the worst that can happen?

The soil might have been a little wet to till.  This seemed like the only chance that I had though.  The forecast says it is supposed to rain the next couple days.  In the field I extended one of the allium beds out to 120 ft.  Yesterday I got all the onion sets that we ordered from Texas, and they need to go in the ground ASAP.  Room needed to be tilled up and amended for these onions to be planted so we can have them ready for our CSA, and so we don’t waste any of them by letting them rot or dry out.

In the greenhouse today I got some more onion planted from seed.  I planted Copra F1 storage onion.   Just one flat for now was planted.  In two weeks we will do two more flats on onions.  Also, I planted tomatoes today.  I planted for transplant some early ones called Stupice and Stiletz that will be planted in the ground inside our greenhouse.  This just a random experiment, and it better be successful.

Lastly, life is now blessed with constant frog song. The warming wet weather welcomes the amphibious cantor’s anthem.  It is not only their song that we enjoy, but we also dig their migration down to our field to eat bugs, especially those molesting our brassicas.  It is a great show of diversity, and cooperation between manmade and native ecosystems.




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