Finally Planting.

16 02 2009

The North Field with peas plantedWe all got together for the first round of planting. The soil blocker is a  must have small farm instrument for seed starting. Our soil mix could be a little better.
So last year we purchased a pallet of potting soil mix. This year we want to use it as seed starting mix with our soil blocker. There are several recipes for seed starting and soil blocking mixes and the ingredients are very similar to the potting mix we have. The problems with the potting mix is it has bigger chunks of organic matter, mostly woodchips. We working on amending the potting mix to be a finer texture. With a finer textured mixture the soil blocks would also adhere together better.
No matter though, we planted a good amount of seeds today. What was planted constitutes most of our first succession for spring planting. Succession planting seems pretty scientific and thorough, but right now it is equally guess work. There is a pretty good idea of how much we need to plant to make this year work: but still.
So in two-ish weeks we have to plant all over again with more variety and increased frequency.
We planted Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Bak Choy, Leeks, Escarole, herbs, and flowers. We put 35 row feet of peas. We are planning for a total of 140 row ft of peas.
Of the peas planted outside today, we covered them with plastic. The plastic was scrap from our greenhouse, and the hoops that the plastic was on was scavanged from pvc and irrigation line.

Here are pictures of the first round of planting, and of the field.  In the picture above, where the plastic row cover is, is where we planted the peas.




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