Check This Out

3 02 2009

February, the checks for this years CSA memberships started trickling in. We really need this money to get all of our shit together and prepared to serve our customers this year. We have one check in hand, and got a call this morning about someone signing a check to give to us. This early money will help us get our much needed supplies.
So far we have been scrounging together what money we have to purchase the equipments that are a must. An item that is a must in efficiency for our farm is a soil blocker. We purchased one from FedCo last night and it should be here in a week or so. A soil blocker reduces the amount of waste, and increases planting efficiency by not having to use pots. With pots we have to wash them, and sanitize them every year to ensure healthy plants, they are flimsy plastic that break and put into landfills, and plants in pots may not have nearly as healthy roots. A soil blocker also improves the amount of pots/blocks can be made at once, and since the plants are not longer in pots the do not have to be removed from those pots before being planted outside.




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