Nice Solar Power

28 01 2009

So yesterday I went to this 8 hr lecture by John Jeavons.  It was interesting, but nothing to write home about.   It was a good networking opportunity.  This silly old man became slightly preachy though and the talk became annoying.

So in the middle of this blurry picture is a splotch that is kinda greenish.  The iphone camera would not focus on this Alyssum sprout.

This is some rhubarb that was planted as a seed.  It was one of the few that survived.

Compostin it.  At this temperature the compost is mesophilic.  Too bad it is hard to read the thermometer.

Tonight we catered the OSU Small Farm Business Class.  The food was most excellent, and way local.  This is how it goes; Gabe and Chad cater, while Kirby and Ben pay to attend the 8 week class, Sadie does her thing.  There was a quick lecture about renewable energy in Oregon that concluded the class.   The speakers were Elizabeth McNannay and Karen Chase.   They were both very enthusiatic about the future of renewable energy in Oregon,  especially for small rural businesses.   The ladies both had different roles as facilitators through the bureaucatic rigatoni of getting grants and tax incentives for small businesses that want to use renewable energy.  The money is there, and no one is using it.  There were about 30 other agriculturalists there that seemed equally optimistic about what these positive and progressive speakers had to say.




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