Sat, 1/24

24 01 2009

Our help has left us. We are feeling kind of caught up in the field. The next big project is to set up irrigation. We have no idea how to install it correctly. It is going to be only slightly less of a guessing game than last year. I am kinda of dreading it.
We have until about mid-march to get the irrigation assembled correctly. Until then, we will just let the dampness of Southern Oregon winters water our crops.
As you know, we are running almost everything off of drip irrigation. We are going to use some overheads for some densely packed cover crops and wildflower beds, but all of our veggies, shrubs, and trees are on drip.
There is lots of material left from last year to set up a system, but some parts need to be bought for new areas, and for our new fields. The whole irrigation plan need to be divided into smaller subsystems to control water placement more efficiently.
The upper/perennial garden is going to go on drip irrigation this year as well so our berries will produce heavier.
Is there anyone out there that can help us with this? Some outside guidance is needed.




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