Wed. 1/21, a hard day

21 01 2009

Today is over.  We get to breathe just a little.  Everything went really well.  All our clients were fed and happy.  Too bad Murphy wrote a law, and we got 7 more days of catering left.

It hasn’t really rained in a while.  It has been a little cold, but the afternoon temperatures are almost always in the 40s.  Everything is staying damp but not so wet.  The soil is not nearly as saturated as last year.  It sure has not rained since we put that rain gauge up.  We took this opportunity to play in the dirt, and more or less cleaned up the entire field in anticipation of this season.  But it totally needs to rain.

Here is an iphone capturing how clean our fields are.

Goats eat christmas trees.  Goats will eat anything.

Jeremy and Ashley planted 4 X 120 bed of strawberries!




One response

23 01 2009

gabrielle, chad, ben, sadie, whiney goats:

hello amigos de grants pass. good job posting so consistently, i enjoy seeing all you are doing, inspiring stuff! the rhubarb/strawberry bed is such a cool creation. i would never know that you used to be city folk, now helping to prepare yourselves and neighbors for post apocalyptical reality! denise said that your food at the farm class was extremely tasty, professional cuisine! i wanted to invite you guys to have a pizza party some time and to let you know i am excited to visit your place and collaborate. i am assuming that you guys do not need to order anymore strawberries, but i am looking for someone to split a 1000 plant order, and also wondering where you guys ordered yours and prices. i just resorted to a little goat beating and am feeling guilty and wondering if you ever want to beat your goats. ours are definitely not controlled or harnessed and shit on our porch, eat ornamental trees, and pretty much been disrespectin me, yo. i didn’t really beat them, just slap their fat gut, but it didn’t even faze them so i hope animal protection won’t file a complaint. email back when you have time and take care friends. also wondering if you would like to split any pallets of potting soils, fertilizers this year. alright talk to you later. wonderful work you guys are doing. raising that lil babe right! peace

sam, denise, ari

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