Monday 1/19 MLK Day

19 01 2009

So, I have had practically a year of practice in making compost piles.  Although the method as written seems very easy to understand, mastering an aerobic compost pile has been more difficult than I expected.  Using what I have available on the farm as far as organic matter is concerned, I have constructed numerous compost piles.  These piles vary in degree of style and content.

By style, I am speaking of the numerous variations on the compost pile that people have successfully experimented over the years.  The correct ratio of ingredients needs to be the first step in constructing any aerobic compost pile. And the initial assembly and layering the ingredients is usually the same, although the ingredients can be different.  Using what organic matter you have on hand is the primary source of ingredients.  Were aerobic composts piles vary is the way that air and moisture are continually added to the pile to sustain aerobic bacteria.  People have come up with systems to ensure gets to the center of the pile.

Aerobic composting is important because it will get hot enough to destroy seeds and pathogens.  It also allows compost to ready for use in the garden much quicker than if it was composted anerobically.  If and when we decide to apply for our organic certification, compost has to be made aerobically.  It has to have constant core tempuratue, that is checked and recorded.  This temperature has to stay constant for 3 months, as the pile is continually turned over on itself.  The turning process also has to be recorded.




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