Saturday 1/17

17 01 2009

We continued weeding rows and expanding some existing rows to about 120 ft. All along the way we are planting red clover. It is going to be beautiful when all the clover comes up and is covering our entire field. We hope they sprout in this cold weather.
The chickens, we think, started feeling the increase in the amount of daylight. It seems that our egg production is increasing. Which is good, cause feeding the chickens organic feed is way too much money. So they all better lay eggs to be worth it, damn it.
Speaking of poultry and or fowl, yesterday we concluded our internal dialogue on what breeds and amount we are going to order for this upcoming season. We are going to increase our laying numbers by 25 layers. We are buying pullets to make sure that we get all layers this year. A reminder to everyone, baby chicks (and other fowl) are the only live animal that can still be sent via the USPS.
The chickens that we have decided on for layers are heartier birds that have better production in the winter. We are going to order New Hampshires and  Silver Laced Wynadottes.
Besides pullets, which are slightly older and only feminine baby chicks, we are also going to get some baby ducks. 15 of them to be exact. We are going to use the ducks as foragers and eaters of bugs. They especially like slugs. We see slugs as necessary part of the local ecosystem, but we still do not like them eating our plants. Slugs especially like brassicas. Ducks like slugs, slugs like brassicas, we like brassicas, and we like ducks. So there.

The ducks are also good for meat and eggs too.  We will discover that later.  Kill a chicken, kill a duck it is all the same.  We are being acclimated to farm life.




2 responses

18 01 2009
Sean Egan (Arden-Hanna)

Too bad Sadie can’t be sent via UPS . . . .

18 01 2009

we could probably work something out. She still is package sized.

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