Friday 1/16

16 01 2009

We have no money. In most circumstances, this would be quite alright. However, we are attempting, with little to no money to start ordering our supplies for the coming year.
Our rhubarb crowns came today. A friend, and fellow farmer, Terri, at Runny Meade Farms ordered it for us. Rhubarb can be planted as seeds, and we did just that last year. The rhubarb plants, well, some of them, are alive and thriving in the greenhouse as we speak.
We ordered 25 more rhubarb crowns that will be planted amongst the trees in our pursuit of permaculture and forest gardening. 25 seems like a small amount, but it will be just a tester.
Oh, and by the way, rhubarb is delicious.
Also this morning we ordered a bunch of bunches of onions. We ordered a cippolinni, tropea, a yellow, and a red onion from Dixon Dale Farms.  Yeah, I know Texas isn’t local.  But after we grow them in these northwestern soils, these onions will for sure be local.
These onions are sold as sets. Which means basically onion starts or transplants. We got a variety of onions by flavor, color, and harvest date. We also are experimenting with a short day variety onion that will harvest earlier than all the rest.

Jeremy and Ashley weeded this afternoon, and planted red clover in the spots they finished weeded.  The red clover is a cover crop.  Let us see how it works with what we are doing.




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