Tuesday 1/13

13 01 2009

We are going to start looking at seeds for this upcoming year. We have a lot left over from last year as well. So even though we are going to increase production this year we are not going to have to purchase many seeds this year.
There are new varieties that we want, more varieties of plants to diversify our crop, as well as cover crop seeds.
Last year we also made a first attempt to seed save some of our tomatoes that we liked. We are going to re use the seeds this year, and hopefully they work. Seed saving is an important part of sustainable farming, as it removes the cost of having to by seeds yearly. It also allows for breeding of seeds to best suit the growing environment, the farm.
Small farmers have recognized the importance of seed saving because historically it is how plants have propagated through out the years. The rise of GMOs and industrial agriculture has caused this practice to be dismissed.
So as small farmers we are joining together today to share the seeds that we all have saved from this past year. We will talk up the varieties that we like, and spread the wealth to our fellow farmers.
What a community we live in, through the struggles of being small farmers, we know how to band together to help ourselves grow, and produce glorious food for the larger community that we live.

So today we planted. We planted some flowers for early spring. We planted one 48 cell flat of each; snap dragons, something that goes under the latin name of Aquileqia Vulgares (the english name doesn’t make sense, Columbine-Mckana’s Giant Mix from Terriorial), and Johnny Jump-up. It might be a little early to start, but we will see. We put them under lights in the shed, but we will soon move them to the greenhouse. It is just about warm enough there for them.




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