Greenhouse is finally underway

25 12 2008

Finally getting round to the greenhouse with the awesome help of our friends Ashley and Jeremy.  It totally looks like we can grow something in it.  We added a bunch of composted rabbit and chicken manure.   We are going to build a compost pile in the greenhouse to experiment with a biomass style of heating.

Initially, we are going to use the greenhouse for several functions.  It will be used to plant directly into the ground, a place to start seeds and tend to seedlings, other container growing, we might plant our miejer lemon trees in the ground there, as well as our avocados , and it will be used for some equipment storage.

Getting electricity and water to the greenhouse is going to be tricky.  The only real power that is needed is for a fan to circulate air.  Water, is  a different matter all together.  A total reconfiguration of our irrigation systems needs to happen.  But that needs to happen anyways.




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