Fall beginning

20 09 2008

We have come a long way in this new farming experience/experiment.  We are now in the 14th week out of 20 of our CSA program.   We have become stewards of land here at Mud Puddle Farm, acting responsibly in  manipulating the biodiversity we have so kindly been bestowed.  We produced, what has been (in our eyes) a bounty of vegetables this season.  For first time farmers, we are proud of our work which brought nutritious, locally grown fruits and vegetables to your tables.

This story on Gristmill describes what brought us out to Oregon in the first place. We can only hope to expand our current successes in the coming years, adding on more responsibility for ourselves and learning situations for Sadie as she grows. With any luck, we can convince a few of you to come join us in similar ventures. With a little more luck, we will have learned enough to advise against some of our mistakes.

Thanks for keeping track of things with us. We appreciate your support!


Gabe, Chad, Ben, and Sadie




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