an iphone has got my soul.

16 09 2008

Although sad but true, I recieved an iphone for my birthday.  Since then, liberation through advanced communication came at a cost of a new appendage.   The functionality of this Star Trek communicator is beyond my comprehension.  I suppose that is its most tractor-beaming feature, luring me in, and rendering it impossible to focus on anything else.

Yet this is totally untrue.  Not all of it of course.  The soul stealing effects of iphone courses in my veins.  Luckily, I have Sadie, a glimpse of light beyond the iphone.  She has my heart as well as my soul, totally devoted to  her.  Figuratively speaking, Sadie stomps the iphone, like Godzilla did the japs (Gabrielle told me to write Japs because racial insensitivity is completely hilarious)

Nonetheless, there comes a crossroads.  And the iphone is the devil, and Sadie is my soul, a deal has to be made.  That deal of course is fuzzyshot.

This link can now be accessed from our blogroll.  Now you have another way to big brother us, if you want.






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