Now THIS is what farming is all about!

17 07 2008


And crops growing crazy big:

And finding out we have our own little Cabbage Patch doll in our summer squash:

OK, maybe Chad just put Sadie into a squash plant, but we can pretend.

I have been out of the field for a while, so everything looks so amazing to me! The squash are massive, and both rounds of corn are looking great, and our cucumbers are starting to take off, and I just can’t believe we started all those tomatoes from seeds:

Now if they would only turn red… At this point, our definition of the color red is changing to be more…well, green with a hint of orange. But when you haven’t had a real honest to goodness tomato in 8 months, then yes. That definitely becomes red.

We are going into our 5th week of our CSA with potatoes, green beans, the last of the turnips, and the beginning of massive amounts of summer squash. We are selling more lettuce mix to a local restaurant, and we got another shareholder for our CSA–so we are up to 8 1/2 boxes a week! And I have 2 more weeks before I can be a full participant in the field work, but that is kind of OK because look who I get to hang out with instead:

Pretty cute, huh?




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21 07 2008

Look’ s sweet. Mary and I just got back from NO. (But it’s a wet heat) Dinners fabulous at August (lunch), Upperline and had breafast at Antoine’s and Petunias ( bring two or thee of youe best friends to eat it) and the Palace Grill (open 24 hours and maybe our favorite breakfast other than Cafe Du Monde) Who can downgrade Biegnets? Awesome trip and the last thing I get to do before I become a farm worker in August. Can’t wait to see my lovely granddaughter, Sadie Camille. Just read Thomas McNamee’s Alice Waters and Chez Panisse ( Yes I have eaten there too) and it speaks so much of wht Mud Puddle is trying to do. All Hail Food!

22 07 2008

Everything looks so delicious, Gabe!! Except for the baby of course. I don’t eat babies. . . I gave up that heavy metal stuff a long, LONG time ago. Really. Heh heh.

But in all seriousness, I am so excited for you guys and all of the progress you’re making on the farm! Congratulations on more share sales and bountiful harvests!!

And your daughter is continuing to readjust my definition of a-friggin’-dorable.


24 07 2008

I so wish me and jorge were there so we could sit in the garden and eat everything. hahah. i wanna play with your best friend too 😦

4 08 2008

Wow. I wish your farm were closer so I could buy some produce. Looks fantastic! I can alsmost taste those tomatoes once they turn red…

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