Rage Against the Deer?

17 05 2008

Because of the heat we have been having, last night we decided not to close up the greenhouse. It isn’t getting much below 60 at night, and I figured the plants could use the fresh air. The deer, I thought, would be too timid to venture past all the crazy stuff we have in there.

This morning Chad was up and out of the house at 5:30am to do some measurements for where we are putting the new fence posts in (for what? Deer fencing, naturally) because our neighbor Roy has a nifty Kubota tractor that he has an auger attachment for, and he offered to come help us dig the holes rather than making Chad do them all by hand again.

SO–I was lazy and slept another 45 minutes, and then got up and fed the dogs, and checked on the baby chickens in their coop (when we moved the bigger ones to the tractor, the little ones got moved to the coop Ben and I repaired. They still seem to be kind of freaked out by all the space they suddenly have:

But I think they will work it out just fine.) And then I took feed down to the big chickens, and went to start to get things watered. Chad and Roy were fixing something with the tractor, lubing the auger, it looked like, and I went over to say hi. Chad said to me, “You aren’t going to be happy this morning.” I thought Uh-oh, but thought that maybe something was wrong with the tractor, and we weren’t going to get any digging done or something. So, I asked why, and he said, “Deer got in the greenhouse. They ate the tomatoes.” At this point, I am worried. We have over 100 tomato plants in there, to say nothing of peppers and herbs, and squash. I am wondering how much they got to, and also kicking myself for thinking that anything with nature would go like I expect it to at this point. Haven’t I learned anything from the 4 months I have been out here? Then Chad says, “And your avocado.”

WHAT??! My one lone avocado that I started from a pit out of an avocado we ate like you do in a grade school classroom? And that took 3 weeks to even show any signs of life, and then took another 3 months to grow a big long root and then had just gotten leaves so I was FINALLY able to plant it in dirt in a pot? Two weeks ago, it looked like this:

Yesterday, it looked even better. It loves the warm weather and the rabbit manure I put in the soil for it. The leaves were at least doubled in size from this picture. Today, it looks like a 3 inch stem stuck in some dirt. God damn those deer. Action must be taken. I am watching Caddyshack, to brush up on Bill Murray’s retaliation methods against gophers, and trying to translate that into something suitable for deer. OK, maybe not dynamite, but something really bad needs to happen to those animals.

They got a few of the tomatoes. They seemed to prefer the biggest ones. Which is great, because there goes all hope at having early tomatoes this year. I got some fertilizer into the pots, and we just have to hope they all put out new, and stronger leaves.

Tonight, the greenhouse is shut up tight. And the fence post holes were dug, so as of Monday, those deer are going to have even less area around here to graze on. Hopefully they get the point and begin hanging out somewhere else entirely.

Let’s end with pictures of the latest wildflowers on the property while we think calming thoughts of the ocean, or beautiful sunsets, or legs of venison spit roasting over a giant fire…

This one is called Pussys Ears.

Don’t know this ones name.

Don’t know what this one is either, but it looks vaguely orchid like. Maybe a wild variety?

The blue lilies are up as well, but I forgot to take a picture of that one…Next time, I promise. And they really are everywhere. It is crazy–like a sea of blue wildflowers in parts of the property. Must be deer resistant…




3 responses

21 05 2008

Can you say screen doors?

22 05 2008

HI there! That last flower looks like delphinium…..

22 05 2008

Of course the florist would know! Thanks Tiffany! Hope you are well, and kisses to Alice, of course!

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