The Tenacity of Plants

11 05 2008

Well, Nature in general I guess. There have been some amazing goings-on around here.

When Ben and I were transplanting the biggest of the tomato plants, one snapped just above the roots. I don’t know how much you know about tomatoes in general, but they have adventitious root systems. This means that if you bury the whole stem up to the top leaves, the stem develops roots all along its length. Ben had the great idea to submerge the plant in water so the roots would develop anew. I just repotted this plant two days ago back into dirt, and it looks really good. The top died back a little bit because it was focusing its energy on regrowing roots, but I am amazed that it survived as well as it has.

Also, the asparagus we planted outside which got either underwatered or too cold, and which we thought for sure was totally gone, is actually growing back. Chad and I were weeding in that bed the other day to prep it for a new round of peas (we are still trying to outsmart those damn pea weevils), and lo and behold, there are new asparagus coming up! So I need to finish weeding the bed, and replant more asparagus seeds so we can try to actually have a full asparagus bed.

And our peas…Our poor, poor peas… The first round is hanging in there. They are considerably taller, but still have bites taken out of the leaves. But the second round is nearly totally destroyed. But it is amazing how they still try to grow. I keep expecting to go down there and they will be gone, but they aren’t.

Oh, and how can I forget about the weeds? Weeding is the biggest job we have on our daily lists, and it literally seems like it is needed every single day. Those guys burst overnight. At first it was really hard to distinguish carrots from weeds, so we just let them all grow until we could straighten it out, and yesterday Kirby and I finally pulled up all the weeds from the carrot bed.




2 responses

20 05 2008

mmmm! asparagus!
i wonder if i can grow them…

21 05 2008

Asparagus grows really well in Illinois, actually. My first memory of asparagus is the wild stuff that used to grow in the field across the street from my gramma’s in Markham. It would still grow there, except that is now a school parking lot, I think. Anyway, the one issue with it is that it is one of those perrenial plants that takes a couple years to get established and really work for you. I started mine from seed, but most people buy them as crowns, and plant those. Then you leave them alone for the first year so they can get really comfy, and then the second year you can harvest. So, it is an investment plant, but other than that, you should have no problem with it at all!

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