First Sale(s)!

2 05 2008

My first order of business this morning was picking the French Breakfast radishes (D’Avignon variety–bought through Johnny’s Seeds) we planted in March because our friend Lori at Blackberry Lane Farm has a restaurant tat wants them! So here is a picture of the first official harvest:

D\'Avignon Radish harvest

And then I washed them all up and bundled them together for delivery. I hope the restaurant likes them:

Radish bundles

This was just the icing on a very busy week. Chad’s parents arrived last Saturday and we had a really great 5 days with them. I took them (and Ben and Kirby) on a wine tasting tour:

Wine Tasting with Dee, Steve, Kirby, and Ben

And we went on a hike around Rogue River. We almost made it to Rainie Falls, but I had to make everyone turn around because I had a doctors appointment I had to get to. What we saw was BEAUTIFUL though:

Hiking the Rogue Trail

While they were here, Dee helped transplant tomatoes, and Steve repaired our screen patio doors and helped finish the outside area of the newly renovated chicken coop. Here is a photo of the inside that Ben fixed up while he was here:

Backyard Coop

Those chickens have it made, huh? Towards the top of this picture, you see a plywood looking piece below the beautifully whitewashed wall. (Ben found a really cool idea on a blog, which we promptly used for our own coop!) This plywood piece is a gate, of sorts, which opens down and lets the chicks into their back run area. Since Steve helped fix this up, and it is now finished, I have had the gate open during daylight hours the past couple days. Well, until this evening, the chickens regarded this as a great back porch area, but didn’t really get the fact that they could get down into the dirt and scratch around. Just as I had decided that they had had their learning opportunity for the day and I was getting ready to close the gate for the night, one of the dogs (she shall remain unnamed, but let’s just point out that for once it wasn’t the black dog being naughty) charged the dividing fence, and sent chickens scattering. A few of them found themselves on the ground, amidst all the pasture clippings I had thrown in there yesterday, and boy did they like it! Upon seeing no harm falling their flock-mates, a couple others braved the short trip down, and the next thing I know, most of the dozen are scratching and pecking just like they should. And THEN they figured out how to get back up into the coop. I could not have been prouder of those crazy dinosaur birds

Ben has announced he is moving out here in June, which is fantastic news for all involved. It will take a lot of pressure off Chad while I am laid up due to childbirth, and that will make me stress less about Chad’s health and well-being.

We have gotten 2 checks for CSA shares, which is really fantastic. Now we just have to stay on top of the planting schedule to make sure we have items for the weekly boxes. This weekend I need to start more herbs, radishes, turnips, carrots, lettuces, and eggplant. Chad and I got corn in the ground yesterday, and our tomatoes are filling up the greenhouse. Now we just need the weather to cooperate and enough time and hands to do all the weeding, seeding, plowing, and harvesting…




2 responses

3 05 2008

oh I am soooo,soooo very proud of all of you!!! it is fabulous that you are already selling.i promise i will work a stint this strong and stay healthy.

9 05 2008

What a beautiful sight – those cute radishes. Wonderful!! So proud of ALL of us.

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