The Hops are In.

19 04 2008

About two days ago, 5 varieties of hops were planted, totaling 22 plants in all. Profitable products won’t be produced for another year. By next year we need to have a trellising system for our hops to grow on. For now, we will just let them grow as they wish to establish a good root system, and then next year we will begin training them, and controlling them.

Also, many things are changing around here. We have bigger chickens, the greenhouse plants are coming out
to the field, and we are starting more and more seeds in anticipation of the height of growing season.

We have a rainy weekend ahead of us, but in light of all the work that needs to be done inside, that is an OK thing.

We got the last of the chickens, and they are cute! Six more Araucanas, and 6 Black Australorps. It is amazing to compare the size of the new batch with the previous batch:

This is Chad scooping up as many of the dozen as he can in his hands. He got 8!

The cool looking white and black one you see here was our runt in the first batch. I think he is going to end up being the lone rooster of the crew. Everyone else is looking really similar, with very sedate mottling on their wings and back. This one really stands out though, and he is also pretty aggressive with everyone else. But let me tell you, they do not put up with him! I never really knew what hen-pecked meant until watching 11 birds go after one!




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