In the Swing of Things

11 04 2008

Wow. I cannot believe how quickly time goes. I am 30 weeks pregnant, which is unbelievable to me. I only have 10 weeks left! Holy crap! I have SO MUCH to do! Chad and I started birthing class last week, which is good. I have found another benefit of all the yoga I like to do because the vast majority of the stretches we do in birthing class are yoga stretches. And the breathing exercises we do are extremely similar to my voice and movement classes in college. Who knew that being a theatre major would prepare me for childbirth?

We are finally all moved in to the house. Well, we are sleeping there, and we eat some meals there, but we are still living out of boxes, and things are all over the place. BUT, it is all clean, and things are slowly shaping
up. I was worried about having a guest already (Sorry things were crazy, Nate), but he was a good sport about it, and Chad worked him to the bone outside so he was too tired to notice at night!

Eaten peas

So, these are our peas. Lately, they look like they have been clipped with pinking shears as Kirby says. It has been our job to figure out what exactly is chomping down on these cute little things. (Do you see the little tendril coming off the one? Isn’t it GREAT?) After consulting with one of our favorite local farmers, Matt at Summer Jo’s, we think it is earwigs getting into the peas. We have put down diatomaceous earth around the bed, and bird netting up over the top just in case it is birds. The problem with the diatomaceous earth is that it has to be reapplied whenever it is wet. And since I have to water the peas everyday, you see how I have increased my daily chores.

Speaking of the daily chores, look at these chickens and their fancy new cage:

Chad and I constructed the cage out of extra wire we had around the property. And that bird netting I mentioned earlier? It goes over the top, held on with garbage bag twist ties. And I have had to add more ties because while in this picture the chickens are overwhelmed by the new space, they have definitely gotten used to it, and a couple have tested their new wings and maneuvered their way right between the net and the cage. The most hilarious thing is when it happened the second time, the cats were right there. And rather than dive at the bird, which was making this horrendously loud “Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!” (like “Help! I am stranded!”), they both stood and looked at it, and then at me, and then at each other, and then at me again with these big eyes like “What is going on???”. My silly sheltered city cats…

We got potatoes planted this week.

That is always how I write things on my to-do list: -Plant potatoes. When in reality to get potatoes planted, we had to till the rows, Chad sub-soiled the rows with the Mad Max tool:

Then It got 40 or so wheelbarrows of compost dumped on top of it, after which we raked it into the 3  mounded rows we are planting, then we had to take a hoe and dig trenches through the middle of the mound, then we used a bulb auger to dig the individual holes for potatoes in the bottom of the trench, then we dropped a potato into the hole, topped with a little rabbit poop and dirt and THEN FINALLY potatoes were planted.

I also got some more carrot seeds started, and we got even more tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants going. Our first round of tomatoes are in gallon pots, which is awesome. They look really really good. And I am happy to report that we seem to have finally hit on the right combination of light and temperature for the wee broccoli plants. This last round which we have kept in the greenhouse the whole time looks great. Not spindly, not too tall. Same with our latest round of onions. Now we just have to try to keep them cool this weekend when we are supposed to be near 80!

Peach Blossom

This is one of the peach blossoms we have going on right now. Isn’t it beautiful? We also have TONS of wildflowers everywhere. These ones are called Shooting Stars:

Shooting Star

I will get more pictures of the others this weekend.




4 responses

12 04 2008
Chad's Dad

Mom says she can’t post comments.

So, let’s see if this works.

13 04 2008

the pictures are great but the most important is missing.just email me one personally-thanx!you can’t be that busy!

17 04 2008
Barry Quilhot

Looks awesome. I can’t wait to be out there. i guess tha fact that I had popcorn made in bacon fat tonight is not really important. But it was really really tasty.

19 04 2008

Your place is blooming, literally. That’s a butt load of tenticle-y potato’s! I’d love to check out the Mud Puddle in person sometime.

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