How many times can a pregnant woman have to pee in the woods?

2 04 2008

Nate arrived Monday, after an epic series of flights which routed him through Minnesota, then Portland, then finally arriving at Medford airport. He woke up at 3:30am Chicago time, and stuck it out until 10pm Oregon time. Rockstar.

We had a small barbecue style gathering in the evening, and invited all of our friends from out here to come see the house and eat with us. They showed up despite the fact that the low last night was 26. We even stood outside for a large portion of the time when everyone was here! Also totally rockstar.

Then Tuesday Chad, Nate, and myself got up early and drove to Jedidiah Smith Park in Northern California to wander and wonder at the redwoods. I have never seen them before, and I was a little nervous before we started because 20 extra pounds does not necessarily make hiking fun. But, in the long run, I did great, the hike was awesome, and we had a really good time. I hope one day we can edit the movie together in even a near semblance of the plot we were hashing out while walking, because you people really need to see it… Anyway, here are some pictures of along our hike. Oh, and the answer is WAY too many times.

Gabe sideview with redwood

Nestled in redwood

Handstand Nate

G and N looking up

Striped Mushrooms

Serene Redwoods

Smith River

Tarzan Chad





3 responses

7 04 2008
Barry Quilhot

Ok this is scary. My daughter has her mother’s hooters.

9 04 2008

WOW!! This place looks great.
Can I go too?

3 06 2008

Lupin says : I absolutely agree with this !

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