I See You, Pea!

26 03 2008

Here are the peas:

Peas in March

And these are the paths that we have put between the fruit trees:

Orchard garden The plan is to utilize this area while the trees are still small, and before their roots have stretched out all over the place. Next year, we will only have 2 rows, and the following year we will have one. Yesterday we planted carrots, beets, and more radishes in the first row. I want to do another round of peas, and we need to get potatoes in the ground.

Our chickens are growing like the dickens. Check out their big fancy new wing feathers:

Chicken in Chad’s hand The Rhode Island Reds are starting to get their combs above their beaks, too. It is so unbelievable that they only hatched 2 weeks ago! They still aren’t so used to us, but they stay pretty calm once we have finally caught them and are holding them.

This week is supposed to be kind of rainy, so we will be working more on moving into the little house on the property. I am trying to decide on paint and curtain colors, but I have never had this many rooms to do before! It is a little overwhelming, and I keep second guessing myself. Off to the paint store for more swatches!




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26 03 2008

Send pics, Gabe!!

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