Multiplier Effect

24 03 2008

At home, this past weekend, movement has filled the walls. Not near capacity there were a grand total of 7 people, 12 chicks, 5 dogs, 4 cats, and 54 imaginary friends.

Next week we are expecting that arrival of Nathan, hailing from the MW. He will bring forth his skills of ruination and eradication. Fires will be set in his wake, and we will dance upon his arrival.

The asparagus have landed themselves in their permanent home, and we too are slowly moving into ours. The house we have been left is in serious need of updating, and we have our work cut our for us. For me, this will really be the first opportunity to call a place home, as i have been quite the nomadic soul over the years.





One response

26 03 2008
Barry Quilhot

Ah my lovely nomad. Good to know you are finally getting into the house. Get it decorated before Mom comes!

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