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23 03 2008

Chad’s garlic that he planted last fall looks GREAT:

Garlic in March Now we just let it do what it does, and when the tops start to brown and die off, then we pull the bulb from the ground and dry it, and put it in storage to eat!

These are the French Breakfast Radishes that I planted in the other raised bed next to the peas.


The peas, by the way, have begun to show their heads, but we will wait to get a picture up until their leaves start to unfurl and you can see them. I was so excited by this development! Just when I was starting to feel like there wasn’t anything we were going to grow this year, up they come!

Everything is starting to bloom around here. The fruit trees are beginning to burst with flowers, and our blueberry bushes are opening up too.

Chad and I got the little asparagus transplanted into their permanent spot yesterday. They look awfully tiny, but their stems are strong and straight, so they should do OK.

Chad is feeling much better. He is obeying a very strict diet, which is hard, but we are trying to make it yummy for him. The lack of cheese and chocolate is the worst, but after a couple more weeks of being REALLY good, we’ll start phasing it back in. Send him positive thoughts to hold out and make his internal organs strong!




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23 03 2008
Sean & Andrea

I remember making lunch with Chad in the city last summer; all I had was canned/diced garlic. Chad quickly commented on how wasteful this was. Moral of the story: Growing your own garlic is good. Congratulations on the Garlic guys!!!

23 03 2008

chad i am sending you encouragement.just a couple weeks of the very good diet and you can put little bits back in. a very wise accupuncturist always told me that it is all just are young and bodies can heal and correct can do it!!

23 03 2008

do you think i can grow my own garlic on guam??i use tons of the stuff.

23 03 2008

I need to be there… now!

23 03 2008

Well everyone, i a feeling much better. Thank you all for your support.
Ben, You do need to be here now. We could use your touch on irrigation projects.
Other than that eat a bunny on easter.

26 03 2008
Barry Quilhot

Keep rocking Chad. Glad you are feeling better. You need Chocolate and Dairy back in the diet as soon as possible.

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