No Internet makes life painful.

19 03 2008

So for those of you who have been checking up on our web blog, there has been nothing updated. We are sorry for that.

But now we are BACK! And as you can tell from the top of this page, we have decided on a farm name! Although, we are currently debating whether or not it should be one word or two. Let’s look at it both ways:

Mud Puddle Farm

Mudpuddle Farm

I have to say, my vote remains in the 2 word camp…We will work it out…

Anyway, here are our baby chicks! This is the day I got them:

Wee Cheepies!

I got a dozen of them. 7 are RhodeIsland Reds, and 5 are Araucanas. The Araucanas are the kind that lay turquoise eggs. I don’t know how many of them are girls and how many are boys, so we might have to kill some of them when they get older, which is sad to think about when they are so small and cute.  We got them on Saturday, and they had been hatched on Tuesday the 11th. They grow really fast! The day after we got them I saw differences in their size and feathers and everything…It is amazing. They will be laying eggs in 5 months.

This is them Tuesday the 18th:


I am trying to do some research on how to build a chicken ark, because that is how I want to haul them around the property. That way they are protected from the coyotes, hawks, and foxes, but they still get to free range and provide us with the most awesome eggs ever!

In other news, we are struggling with the first round of Broccoli and Cauliflower that we planted. We think we have been treating them too kindly in the germination stage, so they take off right away, and then get tall and spindly. So we are experimenting with different ways to get those seeds started. The greenhouse is sealed off enough that we have moved that first round out there to see if they will recover and make vast improvements, but at this point we are starting to realize that we might lose that whole first planting… Live and Learn, like I keep saying to Chad. It would be different if we weren’t city kids who never have done any of this before. Then I would feel worse about making such basic mistakes. But as it is, I think we are doing A-OK. Especially because the first round of tomatoes we planted look fantastic!

Tomatoes in 4″ pots




3 responses

19 03 2008

from a girl who was called mud puppy by all my brothers friends most of my life (long story- short version – creek, mud, hot Indiana summer, jackass brother!)I looove the name! My vote: two words! miss you guys- tiff & alice

19 03 2008

those tomatoes are lookin real real good! way to go team!

23 03 2008

where did the name for the farm come from? i don’t like it very much but that is me.i liked uncle c’s the best.

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