I am infested

19 03 2008

How old am i, oh yeah 26.  That means about 7 years of torment to my body has mounted its toll.  Now with a healthier attitude towards life, a farm, and two beautiful girls to take care of, the repercussions of previous self-destructiveness are showing.

Shit. Kick over the first thing I see.

I have gallstones. They hurt. In return to for having gallstones, i get painkillers, and feebleness. Now as an invalid i can’t get the necessary farm work that has to be done.   Uninsured, and therefore very expensive surgery might be the end result of this illness.  But today i feel better, and i am doing everything within my power to maintain my health.   I think that i will even go to work tomorrow.

The diet that i will now follow is basically vegetarian/vegan again.  NO BACON, but more importantly no cheese.  This blows, but i suppose it is better than the crippling pain i had in my side.

hopefully this just goes the away.  and all of you come visit this summer.




2 responses

19 03 2008

chad i am so very sorry this has happened to you.follow the diet,see an accupuncturist.

19 03 2008

i am following the diet which is extremely unsatisfying. then i am going to try some milk thistle and mint to see if they help at all. herbal remedies couldn’t hurt.

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