12 03 2008

We have done a lot in the last week. And I meant to be better about keeping everyone updated, but we are without internet, so get ready for a whirlwind of pictures and information!

So, Chad worked his ass off over the weekend, and lost sleep thanks to Daylight Savings and his new work schedule, but he managed to get a door structure on the Greenhouse:

Greenhouse with door

Doesn’t it look great? We still have to figure out what goes in the door area, but we now have plastic connected all around and are working on building a raised bed at the back of the structure. That is how we have decided to fix the fact that the ground is not even. Take that land!

Friday night we went into town because the first Friday of every month Grants Pass does a little art walk thing. I was way more interested in ice cream than art though:

Gabe with cone It was birthday cake ice cream, and had chunks of yellow cake and chocolate frosting in it. How could I pay attention to mediocre artwork with that on my hands?

Our asparagus has sprouted and is growing like weeds. They are even bigger than this now, but to give you an idea of how little and awesome they are:

Asparagus The feathery tops you see have really taken off, and they kind of look like solid green sparklers that are frozen in place. They rock. Chad prepared a whole bed for them in the perennial garden. This week I am hardening them off (this is what you have to do to kind of unspoil seedlings from their luxurious inside growing atmosphere.
You get them outside during the daylight hours over the course of a few days for longer periods, and then leave them out over night, still in the flat, and then you can put them in the outside soil), and they will move to their permanent home next week.

This is how our broccoli and cauliflower look now, plus a picture of me showing off the ever expanding belly:

Gabe and seedlings

These are ready to be transplanted as well, but our field has been giving us continual frustration with it’s level of moisture. Today, finally, before he went to work, Chad was able to get the tractor out and disc the field:

Chad on tractor Pretty cute, huh?

Anyway, this is what discing does. The field on the right hand side of the picture is NOT disced, and the left is:

Disced field

So, after working the left part a little more, I will finally be able to get my brassicas outside. I started another round of those, as well as my first round of tomatoes and peppers. When those start to come up I will get pictures up.

Speaking of seedlings, still no sign of the peas that I planted last week, but it takes a minimum of 8 days for those to germinate, so I am not going to stress out yet. The one thing with those beds that has caused me major stress is that there have been deer tracks through them! So Chad and
I got fencing around them. OK. I don’t have a picture of that fencing, but here is our deer fencing around the orchard area, plus one wee arbequina olive tree right at the corner.

orchard deer fence You will notice a stuffed animal hanging from this. You are supposed to hang fabric off the fencing when you first put it up to make animals aware of its existence. Kirby and I put up the strips of white fabric you see. Chad’s contribution is the Raggedy Ann doll…He wanted to do the whole fencing like that. I am so relieved he has better ways to occupy his time…

Like making a burn pile. you ask? Why yes, indeed!

Burn pile

He did this Monday with our friend Chris while Katherine and I were at the League of Women Farmers meeting.

I think that about sums up the past week. I did want to show you the pretty crocuses that are blooming all over:

Crocuses (croci?)

And here is a picture of God chilling with his favorite thing in the whole world, a stick:

God and stick

I am off to buy baby chicks for the house. You better believe I will get pictures of those cute little things up here for you to see!




2 responses

12 03 2008
Sean & Andrea

Great Post!!! Well worth the wait: God, green houses, and Chad driving a tractor. I’m walking to your guys’ house…see you in 12 days.

19 03 2008

dude…..i’m so hearing you on the ice cream thing. and i like mudpuddle farm… work. it’s got a better ring to it. somehow.

but could you compromise and make it
MudPuddle Farm ? perhaps?

lots of love!

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