Pea-ing in the Ground

3 03 2008

So we got 30 cubic yards of compost delivered last week to amend our soil in the field, our raised beds, and the beds in the existing garden (which we have taken to calling the Perennial Garden).

30 cubic yards is a lot:


And after taking quite a few wheelbarrows back and forth from the pile to the beds, we were able to plant our first round of peas today:

Peas in bed

There are five kinds of peas in the bed. Hopefully we can get some deer fencing up before the plants start poking their heads out of the dirt. Pea shoots are pretty tasty, and, unfortunately, deer know that, too!

We also planted the gooseberry and black currant cuttings that we got from our friend Lori. We put them up in the thick clay soil by the house. Apparently these are a couple kinds of plants that actually prefer the clay, which is great for us.

This morning we went to another meeting of area farmers who are exploring the idea of planting hops. We have met a few times over the last month to share information on cultivation of these plants, and also to meet with local brewers to see what their interest is in buying locally and organically grown hops. It has been a very eye-opening experience, learning about this niche within farming. Hops are a very unique plant, and while we definitely want to get a few in this year to see how they do, we are not going to focus on doing a ton with them because they require a lot of work. So first, we will see how they do on our land, and then if they really take off, we will let them and we will focus more time and energy into them.

The whole reason we first considered getting into them in the first place is that there is a hops shortage going on right now, and that is drastically affecting small scale breweries. You all know we have to do our part to keep beer production up! So, we will see how it goes. They are a very beautiful flowering plant, so at the very least, we will have some pretty flowers around, and who knows, maybe we will try our hands at home-brewing as well!

I made sourdough bread yesterday, and today Chad has made Rye bread, and he is currently working on a brioche bread, some brownies, home-spun ice cream, shortbread cookies, and caramel sauce. I am pretty spoiled by him, huh?

I spent yesterday transplanting our perennial herbs out of their seed start pots and into the next size up. We have lavender, anise hyssop,  winter thyme, orange thyme, winter savory, lovage, rosemary, and sage all going. About a dozen plants each, which should be plenty for a small army, let alone 2 cooks.

That is about it for this past week. Sorry we haven’t been so good on updating this week. My knitted baby blanket is coming along nicely. I will try to get a picture of it up soon.




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4 03 2008
Sean & Andrea

We want pictures of GOD and, of course, more pictures of the baby bump! Best.

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