Weeks of Mayhem

25 02 2008

No Brakes. That’s not safe. Well luckily we ran short on brakes in our own driveway, although it meant a sexy rendezvous with a tree. Tree is good, truck is brakeless (especially in reverse), and Gabrielle and I are doing just fine.

Next. Plow the field. Well we really need to now. It is so wet, so in our first series of dry days we made an ill fated attempt at plowing the field. Ok, so the tractor didn’t just sink slowly into the mud. It dropped down 2 ft in an instant. Quicksand! Our field is too damn wet.

Renewed faith in humans. So we posted an add on Craigslist offering what we had to remove our tractor from its unneeded botanical mud bath and spa. We had to beer to give to them, PBR in fact, so like moving this currency can be used when the economy collapses . Quickly we had a response to our helplessness. Two days later we had a tow truck come out and yank our tractor aways from its relaxing paradise. Back on dry ground, we celebrated with Rhonda, thanked our new friends with beer (we also gave them a bottle of wine and thirty dollars. Alls well that ends well.

And finally what you have all been wanting to see.baby0015-1.jpg




3 responses

25 02 2008

I am crying right now…and I can discern little with certainty :). Rub and kiss the bump for me. Love you!!!!

26 02 2008

Beautiful little baby! Simply amazing, no?

26 02 2008

i have no words for this!!! she is already so beautiful!!so much emotion jumbled with this.

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