Well, it LOOKS like a greenhouse…

18 02 2008

Sunday we put the plastic on the outside of the greenhouse. This makes it sound really easy.

It wasn’t.

I really wish all of you could see the instructions for assembly that came with this structure. There have been 4 pretty intelligent people puzzling over them for weeks now– I have a degree, Chad has 2, Kirby has a Masters in Science, and Lee has a Doctorate! And STILL we can’t puzzle out a damn thing in this packet.

So, we guessed.

First, we unrolled the whole 30×100 foot piece of plastic.
Flat plastic

Then, we folded it in half.

Folding plastic

Then, we bunched it in a few different places and tied it with string. The other end of the string went around rocks, which Chad threw over the top of the greenhouse into the grass on the other side.

Plastic with string

Then, Kirby and I started to pull on the string on the far side of the building, while Lee and Chad yanked the plastic up the side the plastic was on. This included Chad nearly falling off the top of a 6′ ladder, and using the Explorer as another climbing surface to clear the 12′ peak of the structure.


Kirby with strings

Chad pulling

Then, the plastic was on!


Now what do we do, you ask?

We aren’t quite sure ourselves. We know we have to get the ends sealed, which may mean using 2x4s and plywood to create end caps that we can attach the rest of the plastic to. And then we inflate the space between the 2 layers of plastic to provide more insulation. And then, hopefully, finally, it is done.




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